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Sat Jun 22 10:26:52 CEST 2013

 Hello everyone!!

Sorry for delay getting your biweekly newsletter to you, but here is the
info you need to keep your lindy addiction fed for awhile:

This monday (24th of June) we are having social dancing at Scott's. We hope
to see you there!

On the 20th of July we are having a total beginners workshop. It will last
the one day, and would be a perfect time for that friend of yours who has
been thinking this whole swing dancing thing you do is crazy to come and
join the insanity :) Here's the link to the registration page

Finally, please remember that this past Thursday was  the last class of the
semester, so we know you love it, but no one will be there next week no
matter how long you wait by the door :) Thanks so much for your loyal
attendance though, we couldn't do it without you! There will social dancing
all summer long, both indoors and out, so don't forget about us!

Thanks for listening!

Swing Dance Luxembourg
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